Start Cycling and Stay fit

Buying a bike and staying fit

Summer is nearly up and if like most people you are already thinking about how you can get in shape and stay that way over the long dark winter, then we have the answer for you…cycling!

Buying a bike for as little as £150 unlocks the limitless possibilities of cycling. Whether it be travelling to and from the shops, cycling to work, or perhaps even joining into one of the many cycle events local to your area. The point is there are so many opportunities to use your bike.

Picture this: you have just ran out of milk and you are craving a nice cup of Tea. The local shop is only a mile away, you would normally pick up the keys to the car and head over there…but what if there was a better way? How about swapping the car for your bike! You will save money, maybe some time, and even get fit in the process.

Just cycling for 30 minutes at moderate speed on flat ground you can burn over 150 calories, so just by popping to the local sho each day could be a great way of getting your 30 minutes of exercise.

Scientist say that people who cycle to work are more likely to lead healthier lives and as a result live longer. Cycling to work also has a very positive impact on the environment. With less cars on the roads, which means less fossil fuels being burned and therefore less carbon output into the atmosphere. One could say that for every time you decide to ride the bike instead of driving the car, you are saving a polar bears life…so go on you life saver be a hero, cycle to work!

Having fun is the most important thing when exercising and keeping on shape. Many people you know will try these fad diets, do it for 2 weeks and then give up. Whereas research shows those who enjoy the exercise They do are 100 times more likely to continue. Buying a road bike and cycling is great fun, just like buying a mountain bike is for the more adventurous.

Bike shop London suggests cycling for 30 minutes 5 days a week to maintain a healthy level of fitness that will keep you younger for longer and making the most of the beautiful country we are so fortunate to live in.

Buying a bike

Buying a bike


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