Diavelo Zeitgeist Electric Bike

Diavelo Zeitgeist Electric Bike

Advanced Kevlar-lined carbon fiber frame
Designed by Red Dot awarded design house, Diavelo
25 kilometers per hour maximum assisted speed, 80 kilometers range per charge

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Product Description

The ZEITGEIST body is designed from Complex carbon fiber nanotubes with a Kevlar interior lining for structural improve and rigidity. This ensures that the motorbike can face up to essentially the most demanding road prerequisites whilst protective the rider. Meanwhile, the body’s aerodynamics and rider position be sure that you waft via sturdy winds and steep hills. The battery is a patented, top-density lithium ion percent with Panasonic cells very similar to the ones discovered at the Tesla Type S. It is removable, lockable and compact, making it simple to price it one at a time from the motorbike and swap them out on longer rides. An entire price takes simply 4 hours and, hardly ever wishes replacing. This implausible motorbike rockets from standstill to over 45 kmph in a question of seconds with its proven 500-watt hub motor. Its handlebar-fixed Bluetooth controller lets in you to make a choice your spice up environment at one in every of 9 ranges, just like the “tiptronic” controls in a Porsche cockpit. As you ride, the onboard laptop shows battery existence, spice up settings and speed. With An entire year of a hit prototype construction and in depth road tests in difficult, real international scenarios, you’ll be able to relax confident the ZEITGEIST CITY is the most efficient available on the market.
Complex Kevlar-covered carbon fiber body
Designed by means of Purple Dot awarded design area, Diavelo
25 kilometers per hour most assisted speed, 80 kilometers vary per price
Feather-weight at not up to 20 kgs
Hidden and removable Lithium-ion battery


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