How to keep safe riding your bike at night

Riding a bike in London or any major city for that matter can be a rewarding yet sometimes challenging adventure. Taking in the sights and the sounds of that commute over Hammersmith bridge or whizzing past Big Ben at 8 in the morning, what could be better? But all too often we see cyclists not taking due care and attention on the roads. So we have put together a brief list to help cyclists in London stay safe and enjoy riding their bikes:

  1. Wear a helmet – this should go without saying, yet the amount of times we see people riding the roads of London without a helmet on would shock anyone. Helmets save lives…fact! Wear one or it could be a big mistake to make.
  2. Wear a high visibility jacket / vest etc.- making sure you are seen on the road is a massive priority. High vis jackets are cheap and a great way of staying safe in the dark.
  3. Bicycle lights – Front and rear lights are essential and will ensure that you are seen by both oncoming and rear cars.
  4. Hand signals – Always use clear hand signals when turning whilst riding your bicycle. You are at the mercy of the cars so letting them know where you are going nice and early will keep you out of harms way.
  5. Keep clear of lorries and buses turning – when buses and lorries turn they swing out and cut back in, visibility is massively reduced for them. NEVER pass a bus or lorry when they are turning or you will end up regretting that decision!

Above all fellow cyclists of London, be careful out there, cycle safe and take the above precautions to ensure your cycling adventures continue to be enjoyable as you soak up all the highlights that London Town has to offer.

Bike Shop London thanks you.


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