Going for Gold in Rio

Rio Olympics Team GB Track Cycling Team

The results are in and it has been confirmed, the 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil are the greatest Olympics in History for Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

We watched in awe and fascination at the grace, poise and expertise our GB athletes battled and competed on the largest global stage. Team GB answered their critics who believed that the medal haul at the London Olympics in 2012 was fluke due to London hosting the games. No one in the world could say this is fluke.

GB Cycling at its finest

Team GB track cycling team smashed the Rio Olympics to pieces. They decimated competition and road to success beating the finest cyclists the world has to offer. Here is a look at how the medal table looked for Team GB Track Cycling Team:

Team GB Track Cycling Medal Table Rio Olympics 2016

As you can see Team GB Cycling Team topped the table with 11 medals for the team, winning a glorious 6 Gold Medals, 4 Silver and 1 Bronze. A fantastic effort and well deserved.

Inspiring a generation

For years the Great Britain Track Cycling Olympic team has been the world leaser in the sport. With house hold names such as Sir Chris Hoy, Sir Bradley Wiggins, and many more. These greats of the sports have indeed paved the way for the success of todays GB Cycling team. As youngsters many of GB Rio Cycling Team would have watched on in delight as Team GB won gold after gold medals at Olympics gone by. These outstanding achievements are exactly the kinds of sporting moments that inspire a generation of new and talented cyclists to take up the sport of Cycling.

What you need to get involved

Perhaps these Rio Olympics have inspired you or your kids to get involved in Cycling. However you like most people have no idea how to start or where to begin.

You will need grit, determination and not to mention the undeniable will to succeed. Training and practice are key to success, with our GB athletes giving up much of what most adults their age take for granted, like eating McDonalds after a day out shopping in the high street or hitting the town for a few pints with the lads on a Friday night. It takes dedication to win an Olympic cycling gold.

What Bike could you start with?

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2020 Olympics in Tokyo

My bets are on team GB cycling for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 adding few more gold medals to the pile…their target should be 8 Golds, something that is well within their capabilities.

And who knows maybe we will see you out there winning a medal for Team Great Britain and Northern Ireland too!!


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