Get your kids into Cycling

Cycling is great exercise for kids

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Cycling is fun, cycling is great exercise for kids and all and above all cycling is pretty much free…well once you have bought the bikes. So why not encourage your kids to get into cycling.

Most parents work during the week to make ends meat, 9 to 5 only seeing their children in the evening, to cook their food and put them to bed. This leaves only the weekend to have fun and give your bundle of joys the attention they need. Perhaps one of the best ways of having fun with your kids is taking them for a bike ride. Cheap children’s bikes cost between £80 and up however we would recommend spending the lower limit on a child’s bike as they will grow out of it and quicker than you will think. Spending around £100 to £120 is a good range. A family adults bike should cost between £120 and £200. There is really no need to spend anymore than this if you are only having some fun and getting around with the family. There are plan tu of better spec bikes that will be in the sale that can help you find a gem within this budget.

Once you all have your bikes it is time to start planning your trip. Their are several official websites that will show you cycle paths and lanes in your local area. This can be useful as to avoid ending up facing oncoming traffic on the M25!

One such site to check out is:

Cycle routes and paths UK
They have many cycle paths and traffic free areas for you and your family to have some fun.

We recommend always wearing a helmet when cycling as this could potentially save a life, plus we think they actually look pretty cool.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there today and begin your family cycling adventure. Check out our range of budget bikes for sale or if you are feeling a little more adventurous, why not see what mountain bikes for sale on our website.

Happy Riding.


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