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Since the turn of the 19th century cars for personal sale have revolutionised transport within the twentieth century. individuals might travel once and wherever they wished as never before. For many, driving was associated with a degree of difficulty in itself. We all have a twinkling softspot and find it easy to fall in love with mans real best friend…the car!


However In more recent times, that relationship between man and it’s machine has faltered. Not only due to the novelty of driving becoming less and less appealing, the complete toll on the road has became a significant public health and safety issue. The number of crashes on the roads has never been so high.

Tired of traffic and lack of space on the roads

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Today’s roads a quite frankly full, finding a parking spot is usually tough, if sometimes impossible and for several, driving has become a burden. People in their droves are turning to the next best thing…cycling! It’s faster and easier to ride a bicycle on several urban journeys than to drive. Especially cycling in London. Now is the time to look for a good commuter bike for sale


As an alternate, standard conveyance is slow, unreliable and takes you wherever it’s going, instead of wherever you wish to travel. Cyclings growing patronage in recent times is quite possibly thanks to the upwards spiral in the price of fuel combined with commuters’ frustrations with driving than a revived appreciation of trains, trams and buses, especially as Bike Shop London can confirm yet another Tube strike has been set for early in 2017. Which means more commuter misery, and yet another reason to begin cycling to work.

London are leading the way

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Londoners cycling to work

People in London have for such a long time been at the forefront of inivation and have firmly cemented themselves into the history of the world. It is perhaps no wonder then that London is fast becoming one of the leaders in the world for cycling to work.


Bike shop London has learned in recent studies conducted by FunkyFish, that the percentage of people in London cycling to and from work over the past 2 years has increased by 30%, loads of people have been searching for a commuter bike for sale. This is as you will agree a huge increase. Researchers believe there is a whole host of reasons for this, but perhaps the most obvious is the tightening of the purse strings for the individual.


With the above in mind the major bike manufacturers have been taking note. Realising that cyclists in London and indeed the world were cycling more but had less disposable income, they have all come up with high quality bikes for sale as usual, but now all the major bike companies offer budget bikes for sale, and most of which have surprisingly high specs. Including things like disc brakes, hydraulics and one touch shift gears.

Save thousands a year by cycling to work

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Save money and get in shape cycling

There has never been such a good time to get into cycling, more and more of your fellow colleagues are turning to pedal power to beat traffic and spiralling commuting costs, with the average cyclist commuting saving around £1,000 every year…isn’t it about time you bought a bike and started cycling to work?


Bike Shop London has a wide range of bikes to suit any budget. Check out our full range and find your perfect bicycle for sale.


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