Start Cycling and Stay fit

Buying a bike and staying fit Summer is nearly up and if like most people you are already thinking about how you can get in shape and stay that way over the long dark winter, then we have the answer for you...cycling! Buying a bike for as little as £150 unlocks the limitless possibilities of cycling. Whether it be travelling to and from the shops, cycling to work, or perhaps even joining into one of the many cycle events local to your area. The point is there are so many opportunities to use Read more [...]

Get your kids into Cycling

Cycling is great exercise for kids Cycling is fun, cycling is great exercise for kids and all and above all cycling is pretty much free...well once you have bought the bikes. So why not encourage your kids to get into cycling. Most parents work during the week to make ends meat, 9 to 5 only seeing their children in the evening, to cook their food and put them to bed. This leaves only the weekend to have fun and give your bundle of joys the attention they need. Perhaps one of the best ways Read more [...]

Winter is nearly here

Why is cycling fun It's about that time of year, the sunshine is almost gone, the days are getting shorter and you have begun dusting off the winter clothes. You would be forgiven for thinking the boring doom and gloom was here until Christmas, however all is not lost, why not join the thousands getting fit and having fun cycling! Perhaps one of the best ways to get into cycling is buying a bike and popping to the shops at the weekend. You don't need to spend a lot of money, there are plenty Read more [...]

Going for Gold in Rio

Rio Olympics Team GB Track Cycling Team The results are in and it has been confirmed, the 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil are the greatest Olympics in History for Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We watched in awe and fascination at the grace, poise and expertise our GB athletes battled and competed on the largest global stage. Team GB answered their critics who believed that the medal haul at the London Olympics in 2012 was fluke due to London hosting the games. No one in the world could say Read more [...]