Blowing air in Bike

Blowing Air in Bike There are few things more dispiriting than wheeling your bike out on a crisp morning and discovering you can't ride, because the tires are flat. You simply can't travel independently without air in your tires. Because we work in a bike shop, quite often we forget that many people are completely mystified by bicycle tires. Whether you ride your bike regularly, or leave it hanging out in your basement or garage, the tires will naturally lose air over time. It's like the balloon Read more [...]

5 Basic Obstacles to Riding Your Bike

cycling to work
Cycling to work is fun, However when we do something day in and day out, it’s easy to overlook some facts that may seem obvious. As any cyclist knows, we often forget that bicycle tires can be a total mystery, and quite an intimidating prospect, to non-bicycle friendly people. People forget this, despite what you might observe on London Street, each weekday morning, “bicycle people” comprise only a very tiny percentage of the UK population. Unfortunately only around 15% of people in the Read more [...]

Tour De France 2016 Stage 7 Crash

Tour De France - Crash - Stage 7 - 2016 Tour de france 2016 stage 7 crash. Watch the unbelievable moment that Adam Yates was crushed by an inflatable advertising banner within the last kilometer of the Tour de France 2016 - Stage 7. The Tour de France organisers have promised to tighten up security as the media calls for more stringent controls over crowds and organisation. The race continues and Chris Froome is still in the famous Yellow Jersey. Read more [...]