Why you should cycle to work in London

Why Cycle To Work In London If you like me live in London, then you already know just how expensive it is to live here. With rents rising through the roof costing the average person in London around £600 a month just for a shared room in someones house. Then you add on council tax, utility bills and you are well over £800 a month. Then to top all of that off you have to pay some of the most expensive public transport in the western world, with the average person paying around £200 a month Read more [...]

Road Bikes Under £300

Road Bikes for under £300 We at Bike Shop London have had many inquiries from our subscribers to do a comprehensive review of the best bikes for sale for under £300. Now to all you bike enthusiasts out there, who say "you can't get a decent bike for under £300" well read on and we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised with what is on offer. GMC Denali Road Bike Price: £250 Features 21-speed road bike features a lightweight aluminum frame Alloy calipers and alloy brake levers Read more [...]